Falls of Moness (25th Dec 2010)

Falls of Moness

Falls of Moness

Christmas Day arrived and everything was still covered in snow and freezing hard.  I decided to go to Aberfeldy and walk up to the Falls of Moness.  The car park was shut because of snow and ice, and I left the car in a street.  As I walked up to the viewing point I thought I seemed to be very unfit – but as I walked down the other side I realised it was quite steep!

This walk is well worth while.  It passes through beautiful woodland, has the sound of water for much of it, is circular, and takes you right into the gorge before the sharp pull up to the viewing point.  Although not long it is quite steep so relatively hard work.

As photos go this isn’t particularly good, but it is recording something maybe not seen for 30 years – the falls are frozen from top to bottom. There is just a tiny bit of moving water visible, right at the bottom.

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