Welcome to Fifescapes, my photographic Blog.

I started taking photos in the early 1970s, when I lived in Leeds.  I took photos mostly of landscapes and steam engines, originally more as records and memory joggers, but noticed that ever now and then a rather good shot would come along.  With practise the number of good shots per roll went up, slightly.

Now I take digital the ratio has gone in the other direction, but in my view both the quality and quantity of good shots has gone up, probably because I can take so many more without worrying about the cost of film and processing.

Note that the dates and times on my posts are (as far as possible) the date and time the photo was taken rather than the date and time I made the post.

You can find all the images here on Flickr (along with many others), where you can see a larger version and also the EXIF data if it was taken with a digital camera.  Each post contains a link to the image’s Flickr Photopage.


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